A Message on faith

by XX2#2!!-

There had never been aliens on planet Earth. Ever.
But faith is a peculiar, powerful thing.
I never quite got humans’ fascination with aliens. With all of their sci-fi movies and their passionate discussions about life on other planets as they lay and gazed up at the star-speckled black night.
There had never been aliens on planet Earth before.
I didn’t get why they were so obsessed with us!
But I should have known. I never fathomed just how powerful the human race was. It wasn’t until later I found out this.
They have the power to create their own worlds. Their completely unfounded, but unshakable belief is called faith.
And so it was all these millions of dreams, of jaw-gaping fascination, hundreds of millions of spaceship crayon drawings and hearts weighed by a large, empty sense of smallness about being alone in this great wide world that led my parents’ ship to crash land onto planet Earth.
At least that’s what I’ve come to believe. Faith caused aliens to walk on planet Earth for the first time.

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