Do you suffer from STS?

Do you ask why Emmett Till whistled at a white lady in the first place? Do you contemplate whether Mookie actually did the right thing when he vandalized that pizza shop? And oh! Do you get upset when black people protest against brutality, focusing on the smaller number who riot and thus condemn the whole movement, despite innocent lives being taken?


If so, you just may have a case of STS! These are signs of its most prevalent symptoms! There’s more.

People with STS commonly believe that if black people would get out of the hood, stop selling drugs, and quit having a bunch of kids out of wedlock, they’d get somewhere in life! They believe that if black people went to school and got off of their lazy asses and got a job, they’d earn white people’s respect!

It’s no wonder why white people kill black people like dogs in the street, persons with STS think, they don’t respect themselves!

Think you may have STS? Well, don’t panic! It’s quite common. Most of the U.S. population does. Even the most famous politicians have been known to be chronic sufferers.

Donald Trump is the leading spokesperson for STS.
Donald Trump is the leading spokesperson for STS.

What is STS, you may ask? STS, or Slave Thinking Syndrome, is the leading cause of ignorance  in the U.S. Although STS spares no religious group, race, gender, or socioeconomic status, STS has been known to affect the rich, rednecks, and uneducated whites at disproportionate numbers.

STS: A person, regardless of race, has Slave Thinking Syndrome if they believe that black people (around the world) are solely responsible for their “inferior status” in life. They refuse to see the damage that was created by the Atlantic Slave Trade and by European colonization of like, all of the world. The term was originally coined in reference to Harriet Tubman who had to threaten weak-minded slaves with her gun who wanted to turn around and go back to the plantation, deciding that they were content with being slaves and jeopardizing the whole operation. It evolved to describe the descendants of those slaves, certain Black Americans who hate their blackness and to describe the people who don’t understand the catastrophic effect of the enslavement of African peoples.

Fun fact: Did you know that a whopping one-fourth of African immigrants to the U.S. suffer from STS despite their familial ties to Black Americans?


STSers also commonly believe that having an attitude, walking through your neighborhood at night, going to bible study, and blasting loud music are all justifiable causes for death. (Basically being black.)

If you suffer from STS, luckily there’s a cure called waking the fuck up! That means attacking and getting rid of these erroneous ways of thinking about black folks:

Just get an education!

Stop having an attitude and complaining! It’s your own fault!

Stop killing each other!

Get over slavery!

Stop giving your kids ghetto names!

Stop being violent thugs!

Go out and get jobs and get off welfare!

You guys get affirmative action! That’s reverse racism!

Black people are inherently violent!

White people are smarter, more beautiful, and generally superior.

If you suffer from STS, luckily there’s a cure called waking the fuck up!

Fun fact: Did you know that black people are slapped with the violent stereotype although Europeans killed millions of natives and stole everyone’s land? i.e. North America, South America, Africa, Australia.

Well, just how do you eliminate these beliefs stemming from STS? Here are the most effective cures:

  • Stop watching FOX news. Stop automatically believing whatever the media tells you in general.
  • Read books. Poverty has been proven to correlate with crime, not race and crime.
  • Google information.
  • Engage in meaningful conversation with Black Americans and listen to their stories. Have an open mind and don’t be so adamant about believing that your way of thinking is right.
  • Explore the world. Get to know people beyond the caricatures that you see on TV.
  • Know your history. Black American history is American history.

Heck, I’ll even begin to tackle the first one for ya! “Just get an education!” By using the Google method, you’d know that black women are entering college more than any other group in the United States. That means more than white men, white women, Asian women, etc. There are also more black men in college than in jail. Black women are also the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs.

Also, degrees aren’t bulletproof.

Fun fact: The Holocaust was responsible for the cruel slaughtering of over 6 million Jews. An estimated four million Africans died as a product of the Atlantic Slave Trade. Black people are commonly told to get over slavery despite still having to deal with racism and discrimination in the present day. This is never said to Jewish descendants. 

No matter how many degrees I get, I’ll still be just another nigga to you because of my skin color. That’s what needs to change. Not me.


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