White Feminists Can Have A Seat

#SayHerName #SandraBland quote-Alice-Walker-womanist-is-to-feminist-as-purple-is-43575 “Womanist is to feminist as purple is to lavender.” –Alice Walker

I was seriously considering doing a Facebook purge until I realized I’m too lazy for that. Because going on Facebook really angers me these days.

I went to an HBCU and most of my white friends, the ones I went to high school with, I only see on that social media. I saw them change their profile pics to a rainbow variety and post thoughtful paragraphs when gay marriage was legalized not too long ago. But when the Charleston Church Massacre happened? Sandra Bland? Eric Garner? Countless Others?

Crickets. IMG_2444 That ain’t cool, man. I hear these same crickets, well literal silence rather, from white feminists on issues that solely affect women of color or that affect women of color disproportionately. And it baffles me.

How can some white feminists understand so well that there are certain issues men don’t have to face because of their gender, but can’t comprehend that there are certain issues white women don’t have to face because they’re not a black woman or other woman of color? Honestly, I don’t get how you can so easily process the former but not the latter when they are the same concept. IMG_2122 Some white feminists even feel the nerve to attack black women for being womanists. Let’s not ignore the fact that some white feminists were racist in the 20th century. Or that the laws passed due to the feminist movement in America centered on white women. I mean, the Nineteenth Amendment still didn’t secure the right to vote for African-American women. Because why? They were black AND a woman.

The Nineteenth Amendment that prohibited a U.S. citizen from being denied the right to vote based on sex was passed in 1920. While the Voting Rights Act prohibiting racial discrimination in voting was passed in 1965. A time conundrum, no? I could have voted back in say 1937 because I’m a woman, right?

ATTN: “the next train’s coming” has moved!

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