Jill Scott is NOT A Big Fine (And Neither Are You)

Jill Scott. (Black) men everywhere seem to be mesmerized by her beauty, confidence, and charisma.


I’ve heard several times from men who don’t normally go for big girls that they would gladly make an exception for Jill Scott. Though, they don’t quite say it as eloquently. “Jill Scott is the only big woman I’d fuck,” is more like it. As if they had a chance with Muva Jill to begin with.

Men make this same commentary when they see a larger woman with an “abnormally” cute face and shapely body, who they wouldn’t ordinarily find attractive. But now there’s a word for her: big fine.

“Big Fine” is a term that refers to attractive plus-sized women, gaining popularity after Drake proclaimed “I like my girls BBW (an acronym for ‘Big Beautiful Woman’)” in “Only.” You know, since Drake said it was okay to openly like big women, it’s acceptable.

Jill Scott featured in a meme about
Jill Scott featured in a meme about “BBWs.”

Then, Jill Scott could be seen as the poster child for attractive women with plenty of curves, or Big Fines as they say. But no.

Jill Scott is not fine “for a big woman.” She is fine. Period. “Big fine” is also an insult. I’ll explain.

ATTN: “the next train’s coming” has moved!

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