Why Men Should Be Feminists, Too


That’s right. EVERYONE should be a feminist—man, woman, or other. (Alien, I guess?)

So these “meninists” that infest the Twittersphere really cook my noodle. Boil my skin. Put gray hairs on my young head. In other words, they get on my last nerves.

For those of you unfamiliar, “meninists” is a play on the word “feminists.” (“Menimist” spelling is also commonly used.) The hashtag “#meninist” sprung up on Twitter not too long ago and various men took to tweeting things like “Do you expect me to open the door for you? I’m a gentleman” and “I’m a strong, independent man who doesn’t need no woman.” (Okay. I’m not going to lie. That last one’s a little funny to me.)


I certainly didn’t think much of it at the time. I took it for the joke that I thought it was and even retweeted some tweets. Some men even made valid points about men being able to have a say in abortion and how men get body shamed, too.

Fast forward to now as I realize that some men actually think this way and are anti-feminist. Some men even go as far as to wear “meninist” t-shirts.

Many meninist Twitter accounts have sprung up as a result of the hashtag. A popular one called “@meninisttweet” has nearly a million followers. No worries. The creators were sure to put “it’s just a parody” in the bio.

Hmm. Did you know that I believe that gay people don’t deserve to be treated unfairly? I do. But I’m going to create an entire Twitter account dedicated to making fun of gay rights. I still respect their rights, though. It’s just a parody.


Sorry to ruin the fun. Fuck that “it’s just Twitter” mentality. It’s never just Twitter. Feminism, like racism, gay rights, and the rights of other disadvantaged groups, is not to be taken lightly.

I just don’t think feminism is anything to make fun of.

Meninists may cry that they are only critiquing feminism’s “double standards,” but you can’t critique something when you don’t know what it is. Before you act so quickly to jump on the anti-feminist bandwagon, actually know what you’re opposing. And I know you don’t know what feminism is by the “critiques” you supply.



ATTN: “the next train’s coming” has moved!

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2 thoughts on “Why Men Should Be Feminists, Too

  1. I think most of us get the theory of Feminism: Equal rights for both genders. The trouble is its application. Women are often given superior rights. And that does not sit well with men . Examples abound: Women get preference for elite college acceptance, in some cases for hiring, promotion and mentoring programs. Even in sports reporting when less qualified women are hired over men to meet quotas, and then they are allowed into men’s lockerrooms when the men are showering and changing when the reverse is never true. So men like me are for equality but against superiority. Which is what Feminism is in practice.


    1. Did you read the article? No where in the definition of feminism does it state that women want superiority. The only reason why quotas like that are put in practice in the first place is because of our male-dominated and male-favored society. Other “preferences” like that are put in place to counteract this patriarchal society and system where women make up at least half of the population, but don’t have the same opportunities as their male counterparts. Things like that are put in place to LEVEL the playing field, not make it favor women, which upsets men like you when the playing field has always been in favor of men.


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